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New Costume:New Poison Ivy

ivy posion

Poison Ivy is a super antagonist in DC comic.This character creates love potions to catch batman,superman and other super heroes.
There are several costumes for this character but it seems that the one in new 52 comic series of batman looks best.
If you are looking for this costume,good news to you:Zentaizone has designed one and it looks awesome.the new costume should be released around 5th of March,2016


The Hot Cosplay Topic:D. VA From Overwatch

Overwatch is a popular multiplayer first-person shooter game by Blizzard Entertainment.Recently a lot of cosplayers are looking for the costume for the character named D. VA.Yes,I have to say that this character is very hot.

d va

So how or where to get this costume?there are two ways:
1,you may buy a printing file from a pattern designer and request us to make this may check this picture below:

d va 1

This one is made by but the printing file is not designed by them.So you need to buy the printing file from a pattern designer.
2,some people can not afford too much on this costume and so usually they are not willing to buy a printing file.the good news is that has finished their own design and the price of the costume is 65 dollars only.this costume is almost as same as the real character in the game.but I was told that this item is not available now and it should be released on their website around 5th of March.


The Best Spiderman Costume For 2015 Halloween

When we mention spiderman,a lot of people will recall the amazing spiderman and yes,he is very popular and all of us love him a lot.
miles morales spiderman
As a spiderman fan,you must know the name of “miles morales”.He is a black spiderman who appeared after Peter Parker.this year he is the most popular and hottest topic.
So the 2015 Halloween is at the corner and what is your idea for it?I guess there are a huge number of people will go for spiderman and so the best choice will be miles morales spiderman costume.
There are two ways to get this costume that is authentic enough:
1,you buy a printing file online and request a company to print and make this costume,which is a little expensive.
2,you may just go for this miles morales spiderman costume below:
miles morales spiderman costume
It is made from quality spandex fabrics with 3D you can touch the webs and spider logos.In my opinions,I prefer this way more because it is easier to get one and besides it is available for both adults and children.


These Popular Combination Superheroes

Recently the dye sublimation costumes are very popular.what is a dye sublimation costume?there is a printing method named “dye sublimation” and people print pattern on white shiny spandex fabrics and use the fabrics to make the costumes they long as you know how to use PS or other drawing tools and you have a template,you can make the file. Compared to traditional costumes,the designs of dye sublimation costumes are more flexible and there is no any fee of changing design because it is all about printing.Since it is easy to create printing files,many superhero fans and cosplayers,would like to create the their own costumes and the most popular way is doing combination.For example,a costume for both spiderman and X-men,spiderman,green lantern,spiderman ,spiderman and captain america and etc.

 spiderman x men
spiderman captain america
If you have not tried this kind of costumes,you definitely need get started now.You may have a try get a file from your friends or you can buy one from a pattern maker.


Where To Buy A Good Faceshell At A Cheap Price?

What is a faceshell?in fact it looks a like a helmet that will shape your head that will look as same as the character you want to be.For example,many people want to have the same head shape as spiderman and so they would like to wear a spiderman faceshell under the costume mask,then they get what they want.
The pity is that most of the faceshells are very expensive or the cheap ones look very only a tiny amount of spiderman fans have this kind of cool equipment.
Now you not have to worry about that because this cool spiderman faceshell made by zentaizone is very cheap.check out the pics below:
It is the first version and it does not go with magnetic lenses.because not all people want lenses to be sole together with the faceshell.besides,I was told that the second verison of faceshell will go with magnetic lenses.In my own opinions,I prefer this one because it is cheapest and I can glue any lenses on it.


The Amazing Spider-man New Costume

It is reported that the amazing spiderman gets a new costume and you can see his picture above.this new spiderman costume is totally new and the amazing thing is that the spider will glow.
There are a lot of spiderman fans and yes,you must want to know where to get this costume,right?
Of course,you can not find it unless that you request a store to custom make it for you.But if there are many people want it,this costume should be produced soon.
Let’s wait and see how the first one turns out!


Plastic Man Lycra Spandex Zentai Hero Suit

Plastic man is a member of Justice League and it is a popular character in various events and halloween parties.this Plastic Man Lycra Spandex Zentai Hero Suit is awesome to you!


its fabrics are spandex lycra that even allow you to do sports.The whole costume is very durable.


Cool Geo-Force Lycra Spandex Superhero Zentai Costume

If you love DC comics,you must know Geo-force whose name is Brion Markov and recently he appears in TV films Arrow too.

If he is your next cosplay theme,the Cool Geo-Force Lycra Spandex Superhero Zentai Costume below is your must-have.

its main fabrics are spandex lycra that have great stretch and the shiny metallic golden details make this suit look much deluxe.

Yes,some people may want the costume in green version and it does not matter because you may request a costume store to custom make it for you.



Cool Red Tornado Costume

Red Tornado was a robot who was created to destroy Justice League and later he joined Justice League.Red Tornado is the supervisor of young justice league.
Although this character is as popular as other heroes that appear in movie too,he must be a great choice for your next event.his costume looks a little complicated and I’ve seen some Red Tornado cosplayers who spent a lot time to prepare the costume and accessories.
If you want to use this costume idea,now you are lucky to save time because what you need is this Authentic Spandex Lycra Red Tornado Zentai Costume below:


Captain Atom Zentai Costume

Captain atom is a character in DC comics and he owns super power and body and he can self-resbuilt;he can fly;he can release energy shockwave.
I think there must be many people love him and even you want to use captain atom as your next comic/event costume idea,right?
How about this Shiny Metallic Captain Atom Zentai Superhero Costume below:

It looks cool and its main fabrics are silver shiny metallic fabrics.